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A terrific and much appreciated Thank You from SSG Thomas Anderson!

Mahwah Marine Moms, 

I would like to thank you on behalf of ODA 5214 and the other members of 5th SFG(A) that have shared the contents of the care packages you have sent us.  Each box we have received has provided a much needed morale boost, and usually devoured very quickly.  Please pass on our thanks to the children who have written notes, as well as anyone else that has helped out in putting these boxes together.  Again, thank you for providing these boxes of treats to us both while home and abroad.


SSG Thomas Anderson

ODA 5214 Communications Sergeant

​Another kind thank you from a Marine!

Good Morning,

I was going through some paperwork and I found the information for the MAHWAH Marine Moms North Jersey Military Moms. I can’t remember if I sent you a thank you email or not. But! Thank you so much! The treats were honestly a treat for all of us. It is the little things that make our days great. Thank you so much!

Respectfully Sent,


Marine Security Guard | US Consulate Munich